Lol 7 month to integrate a shop buyback feature. Dunno how many people ragequit after accidentally selling their gun
Pogo awesomesauce [link]
The Division 1.4 update [link]
My shitty Skyrim: SE comparison [link]
mail from AU got to me no problem...mail from the middle of the country cant find my address despite it being typed out to the american mail system

Hello fellow Pink Fairies,

SInce the end of June we have been in the process of creating draft logos to replace our current logo.  All discussion has been occuring in this forum thread.  This discussion will stop and we will select our new logo during the November General Members' Meeting on November 5th, less than three weeks away!  If you want to get involved in creating our new logo, this is your reminder to do so.  Any and all input is welcome, from simply giving feedback on someone's draft, to modifying an existing draft, or even all the way to creating your own logo from scratch.  The more input we get in this process the more representative of PINK the final product will be.

So once again, please take a look at this thread and make your ideas heard before November 5th, when we select our new logo.  Any input is appreciated, this outfit isn't and never should be a place were only select peoples' ideas matter.

See you on the battlefield,

October General Members' Meeting

Ultimastorm OfficerDonator posted Sep 26, 16

Hello fellow Pink Fairies,

This Saturday, October 1st is the first Satruday of the month (Duh, it's also the first day) and as such we will be having our monthly General Members' Meeting.  It will take place on our TS server ( at 9pm PT.  All members are not only welcome, but actively encouraged to attend if available.  More information about the meeting, such as the agenda, can be found in this forum post.

See you on the battlefield,


jarjar2 OfficerMemberDonator posted Sep 6, 14
New TeamSpeak Server is:

The group pay donation link is here

It accepts Paypal or all major credit cards.
VanuNanoTechnician OfficerMemberDonator For future reference for those unable to attain our url. or
blackmagicmushrooms Member can you give me the IP adress? for some reason my ts won't accept the hostname
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