so it seems to cert into everything I need about 229, 583 certs
Actually no self. Humans create a self—but this is only artificial and an illusion.
It seems the Vanu psychic relays are working then (or we're all just huge silly nerds ;) )
what the fuck, we named a base at Indar Excavation Basey McBaseface yesterday
It's only for the U.S. But, if I could enter, I'd go with "Basey McBase Base"
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The official PINK logo decal is now available to purchase, or equip the Outfit Logo Decal for 400 certs. VS use only.  All VS outfit branches on all servers now have the official logo as the in-game outfit logo.  Well-done Sasoduck for a fantastic logo



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ddraig OfficerMemberDonator I've changed all of the outfit branches' logos on the other servers (Cobalt, Emerald, Briggs) to the official...
VanuNanoTechnician MemberDonator Well, it's kind of there...
ddraig OfficerMemberDonator IN THE NEXT UPDATE - SCROLL DOWN

Expanding The Red and Blue Fairies

ddraig OfficerMemberDonator posted Sep 17, 14
okay, can everyone please read (and comment on) this post, thanks

Expanding The Red and Blue Fairies


jarjar2 OfficerMemberDonator posted Sep 6, 14
New TeamSpeak Server is:

The group pay donation link is here

It accepts Paypal or all major credit cards.
VanuNanoTechnician MemberDonator For future reference for those unable to attain our url. or
blackmagicmushrooms Member can you give me the IP adress? for some reason my ts won't accept the hostname
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